•   Feeling Overwhelmed?
  •   Too Busy to Keep up with Pop Culture and Technology?
  •   Worried About What Content May be in Your Kids' Video Games?
  •   Concerned About What Your Kids are Watching on Their Mobile Device?
  •   Needing positive entertainment choices for your crew?

Parents! I will text you what dangers are lurking in the world of entertainment each week, so you're no longer feeling lost or overwhelmed when it comes to pop culture and technology.

Let Me Do The Work For You!

"Finally someone to help me stay alert to the damaging stuff media puts out! The biggest value is that I can KNOW before my kids KNOW and that Tina will do the work for me and send it to me. One more thing I don't have to worry about! 

Thank You Tina for helping us protect our children. I will be recommending the Pop Culture Alerts to all the moms I mentor."  

Mona Corwin - Mom Mentor, Balanced Mom Life

A Word From The Counter Culture Mom

“My mission is to raise awareness about the effects of harmful behaviors being promoted in today pop culture and social media on our children. Working in Hollywood for over a decade has made me realize the entertainment choices for our kids are critical in shaping what they believe and how they act. My focus is to help parents navigate safely through today's pop culture mess in order to raise Godly Counter Culture kids.”

Tina’s mission is about revealing how pop culture is eroding the foundational development of today’s youth and how we can rise above the attack. 

What you will get with your weekly pop culture alert membership service.


Know what celebrities are promoting destructive behaviors like suicide, drug use, violence, sex, and satanism. 


Know what important apps and computer programs you should have on your devices to help keep your family safe.


You will get simple action steps to follow in your pop culture video update. These steps will help you keep your kids safe. Conversation starters are also included.


Know what positive, family-friendly entertainment (movies, tv shows, video games, magazines and music) are available for you and your crew.


Learn what video games, TV shows, music and movies are depicting violence, drug and alcohol use, pornography, vulgar language and destroying traditional family values.


You receive access to a members only website where each week's Pop Culture Alert will be posted.

"As a former Hollywood actress I know first-hand how the entertainment industry twists the truth. Our dedicated team of people are constantly on the lookout for harmful messages being promoted through media that parents need to be aware of! I will text you the top ALERT of the week and what ACTION STEPS you can take to keep your kids safe!"  

Tina Griffin - The Counter Culture Mom

Leverage my 20 years of experience as a Pop Culture Expert by joining my membership site that was made for concerned parents like you.

Receive a text notification right to your phone each week with the latest Pop Culture Alert.  

Below is an example of a recent text alert. 

Your membership site includes a weekly pop culture alert video on the most relevant and current concernes along with what action steps to take, helpful links and an archive of past content.

“The Counter Culture Mom is an outstanding resource for families looking to protect their children from inappropriate Hollywood fare. Tina is a powerful combination of energy, commitment and faith!”  

Greg Gudorf - CEO, Pure Flix Digital

“Tina's alerts help me protect my family. As a busy mom, I don't always have time to research the things that can harm my kids. Tina's alerts help save time and keep my family safe."  

Lisa Canning - Interior Design Expert, Mom of 6

For the price of a latte you can protect your kids from today's harmful "entertainment" and get the following helpful tips:

  •  an URGENT pop culture alert
  •  specific ACTION STEPS you can take 
  •  ways to stay CURRENT with today's media  
  •  helpful conversation STARTERS for your kids
  •  POSITIVE entertainment choices available

 $4.99 per month

I am so confident you will find these text alerts invaluable that I am offering you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!